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Woot’s exclusive and highly elusive Bag of Crap is a very sought after item sold on


A Brief and Highly Incorrect History of the Bag of Crap. To really understand the bag of crap, you would have to look at one of the primary reasons why it probably came about. Woot’s original motto and business model was “one day, one deal.” What this translates to is that Woot would offer a single item at midnight Central Time or 10 PM PST and would sell this highly discounted item until it sold out or until the next day came. The main benefit to woot was that it could spend less overhead to warehouse a large array of items that may or may not sell out. Also it put less strain on shipping items out as each day they would only have to worry about boxing up and shipping a single item instead of worrying about warehouse and shipping/packaging logistics.  So what does a company do when it only offers one item for sell a day and sometimes that item does not sell out? It can’t obviously devote an entire day to selling leftover stock that may only have a few items. To solve this issue, the Woot Off! was invented. A Woot Off! was an event where the One Day One Deal rule was put on hiatus and an item would appear with a descending status bar. As items sold the inventory bar would decrease until the item inventory was depleted and deemed sold out.  After that the next item would appear and Woot would continue to sell items that were featured in their previous sells or sometimes they would include eclectic items like Roombas, Leak Frogs, random USB items, Dyson Vacuum Cleaners, JD’s Bacon Salt, and the notorious and you’ll put your eye out Screaming Woot! Monkey. The sales would continue until they either sold out or until the Woot Off! employees tired of sleepless nights and would not put up a new item. This process could occur over the course of 1 to 4 days and would sometimes have a Bag of Crap randomly sold near the end of the last day of a Woot Off! This carrot or what some affectionately called a Bandolier of Carrots would sometimes be used as an incentive for Woot! Users to purchase items that they wouldn’t normally purchase to help move the Woot Off! along and possibly bring the Bag of Crap up for sell.  The original Bag of Crap was $1 per crappy item plus $5 shipping with the ability to purchase up to 3 crappy items bringing the total cost of a full Bag of Crap to $8. To simplify things, a Bag of Crap is now $3 + $5 shipping since everyone wants at least 3 crappy items.


So What is Inside a Bag of Crap? Well obviously it is filled with crap or what some people would consider junk. It may contain items that were previously sold on Woot that were not purchased. It may contain defective items received in the warehouse or items returned. It may contain ridiculous items that their purchasing team may have been able to purchase in cheap bulk for the purpose of selling the oddities in a Woot Off! or throwing into the Bag of Crap. Sometimes it may contain something good and useful, but more times than not it will probably not. For those who are curious, unboxing videos can be found on youtube or on the forums. You can also view this unboxing video of a Bag of Crap I received in April 2013. Youtube Video Link


Woot also makes no promises on what is sold inside of their Bag of Crap and has actually created a set of commandments to higher or in most cases lower people’s expectations. In fact, the latest version of the Crap commandments are placed below:




  1. Thou shalt expect nothing beyond ONE bag of some kind and THREE crappy items
  2. Thou shalt probably expect not to even get a Bag o’ Crap at all. We only have enough for about 10% of the people who want them. Thou art probably in that other 90%.
  3. Thou shalt notice that “crap” is right there in the title. Thou shalt not complain when it turns out we were telling the truth.
  4. Thou wouldst probably be better off spending thine eight bucks on just about anything else.
  5. Thou shalt be assured that Woot hath upgraded its servers and code to minimize errors and crashes. But thou shalt remind thyself that even if those servers did work perfectly, it would simply mean the BoC sold out earlier.
  6. Should thou fail in thy quest for crap, congratulations. Failure is the biggest crap of all.


How to get a Bag of Crap. Did I mention that getting a Bag of Crap is elusive? Getting a Bag of Crap is an art form and can be very difficult. Personally, it took me 3 years before I got my first Bag of Crap. The formula is constantly changing as the rules of getting a Bag of Crap change. With this in mind I’ll list a few ways to help in getting a Bag of Crap.


  1. Create a account beforehand and enter in all of your credit card details.
  2. Be sure to login to your account. You may also want to click “I want one” on a previous item as sometimes will require you to verify your password. This is very important as time is precious in the pursuit of a Bag of Crap.
  3. Know when is most likely to offer a Bag of Crap. Currently it does not look like they are offering it during their traditional Woot Off! as a direct purchase item. The last 2 Bags of Crap during a Woot Off! required a crossword puzzle game and also the ability to do math puzzles to figure out the Bag of Crap URL. Other dates to keep in mind are April Fool’s Day, Christmas, and’s birthday July 12th.