Birchbox Man Review

Following the footsteps of the original Birchbox, Birchbox Man is a discovery commerce platform for men.  Subscribers of Birchbox Man are sent products once a month that contain samples of various different products. The main benefit to the consumer is that they will get to try new products that they may not normally purchase as well as receive products at a price much less than would be found at retail.  In particular, Birchbox Man allows one to fill out a profile which allows them to slightly tailor their boxes to the recipient on top of their traditional monthly theme.

Currently a subscription for Birchbox Man costs $20 a month compared to the women’s $10 a month but the difference is that it appears that the Birchbox Man contains lifestyle and fashion items. Past large items have included a large item such as Skull Candy headphones, Triple C greenBoom portable speakers, pairs of socks, sunglasses, and whiskey stones. At this time there is a 2 week wait-list to purchase the Birchbox Man subscription, but the time goes fast, and the Birchman Box ships on the 25th of the month, so the June 2013 Birchbox Man will ship on May 25th.

To learn more information or subscribe to Birchbox Man, you can subscribe at

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