BirchBox Man July 2013 Review

The BirchBox Man July 2013 box was inspired by the USA television series SUITS. With that in mind, a couple of the items included in my July box were suited for my man-drobe.

Knotz Cufflinks from wurkin stiffs

The version I received were red woven cuff fasteners, known as Bow Tie Red. Luckily I love the color red and these should be a nice addition to complement my selection of red ties in my man-drobe. These cufflinks normally retail for $9.50.

Card Case from Roosevelt Supply

A slim burgundy leather card case holder from Roosevelt Supply. This particular item is a BirchBox exclusive and is made from a very soft supple quality leather. To be honest, I recently went on vacation and downsized all my typical wallet items down into a Coach 3 card slot and money clip wallet. It can be refreshing to not sit lopsided on a wallet bulge. This card case may be a little too barebones for me to get through the day, but I can use this as a business card holder or a way to hold my ID, a credit card, and maybe a room card on vacation. Slimming down for summer doesn’t have to be only for your stomach. It retails for $25 on

Balla Powder (Original scent)

I have been meaning to try this product since I’ve been browsing Birchbox. Think of it as a manly baby powder to help whisk away perspiration, odor, and prevent chaffing in trouble areas, such as in the nether regions or sprinkled into your shoes. The scent had a nice musk scent to it and I am impressed with the size of this trial size. It is the perfect size to throw in a gym bag or into a travel bag. Out of the entire Birchbox, this is the product I’d most likely go back to and make a full purchase.

Styling Cream from GO247

This is a light weight hair styling cream for men. Smells fine and gets the job done. My hair is currently short/medium and coarsely styled back to front with the tips spiked. I’m slowly moving away from the stiff hair gel and moving into the creams. No flakes no problem.

Frank’s Beard Elixir by Mr. Natty

I wish I could properly review this product but I don’t have facial hair. Sorry but my wife doesn’t dig the fu man chu. I’m also not a fan of putting the smell of patchouli on my face as it reminds me too much of cheap incense. Sorry just the way it is and this product is for someone else.

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